Who am I?

me with some early Devonian limestone in upstate NY

me with some early Devonian limestone in upstate NY

I’m really a bit of a geek. I’m currently a graduate level history major at Montana State University-Bozeman.  I spent a year and a half as a paleontology major before making the switch to history as an undergrad, and am ultimately planning on pursuing a history of science PhD working with evolutionary theory at some level.  My interests include Darwin, politics involving Victorian-Era scientists, public perceptions of evolution, anti-evolution movements, and the history of paleontology, especially the presentations of dinosaurs in museums and scientific literature from the 1800s on.

Hope you enjoy the blog!  If you’re interested in the history of science, evolution, the Creation-Evolution debate in American society, or trials arising from tensions stemming from this debate, check out the links at the right-hand side of the page! Thanks for spending some time with me on here!

~Michael Bertasso, Jr.

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