fossil of the week #2

glyptodon at AMNH


This week’s fossil of the week is Glyptotherium texanum, a large extinct relative of the armadillo.  This particular specimen is on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  These guys likely went extinct between 10,000 and 11,000 years ago.  Charles Darwin himself actually discovered some glyptodont remains similar to this species while traveling on the Beagle.

In other news, currently working through the newest sequel, this time authored by William Dembski and Jonathan Wells. Released in 2008 , the webpage set up for this book states that its key message is that: “[m]aterialistic science is bankrupt; intelligence acts in nature, and its activity must feature in our scientific understanding of the world“.  As is often the case with the Intelligent Design Movement, there appears to be a key focus on defeating “materialism”.  I haven’t pored very deeply through the online text sample yet (available here), but plan to comment on it in a post once I have. As a text initially intended as a new version of Pandas, I don’t have much hope for it as a strongly convincing read, but I’ll wait until I’ve thoroughly analyzed the sections dealing with material I have a background in before condemning (or if its actually compelling perhaps openly considering) it.


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