Coelacanth at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

I visited the museum this summer, and after walking through the paleontology displays (which were phenomenal, especially the Burgess Shale displays), I ran across this thing:


Coelacanth at NMNH

It took me a minute to process the display.  I subconsciously knew what it was likely, since I became extremely excited and practically ran up to the display.  However, it took me a minute to fully realize that I was standing face to face with a taxidermy specimen of an actual coelacanth.  Not sure how many people have seen pictures of an actual coelacanth, so I figured it’d be worth sharing (sorry about the relatively crappy quality; had to work around kids and curious people to get the shot).  If you’re ever in DC, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum is well worth checking out; its free, and they have a decent amount of material on display. The building gets a bit crowded (after all it is a free museum), but its well worth the time spent.

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