Flushing a random tube #2

Continuing with posting random notes focusing on science, I’ve looked around for some interesting articles dealing with evolution with free online access.  Here’s a few to start:

First, the 1972 Eldredge and Gould Punctuated Equilibria article, available here in pdf format. This is the paper where Eldredge and Gould first describe the concept.  For a more basic explanation of Punctuated Equilibria, talk.origins has a decent overview on the subject (available here).

Continuing with Gould, here’s his article titled “The Validation of Continental Drift”, focusing on some of the developments leading up to the modern theory of plate tectonics.  Good stuff! 

If you’re interested in origins, the 1858 Darwin and Wallace evolution paper is well worth checking out.  If you’ve read the Origin of Species, you owe your sanity to this paper presentation, which (along with Wallace initially contacting Darwin) led to the publication of Darwin’s “short abstract” that is the Origin of SpeciesHere’s the paper presentation from the University of Maryland website.

A final link of interest for this posting, the NCSE has a decent overview of all the major court cases dealing with evolution or anti-evolution movements.  If you’re interested in this topic, their site has an entire section focusing on it.  Available here.

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